Wonder City is a festival of Self-development and Creativity, Joy and Love, Mindfulness and Harmony! :) Festival of warmth and openness !!)

The nearest festival:

- 3-12 January 2019.

India. GOA. Arambol LOVE TEMPLE


Indian Tale 2018 is:

- 10 days of the Ocean Coast Festival

- 10 days of workshops, practical classes

- esoteric and spiritual practices

- practical psychology, relationships

- yoga, physical development

- tuition on musical instruments

- dance practices

- holotropic breathing

- vegetarian cooking

- accommodation in hotels and hostels near the festival

- many other things...



  • new friends, acquaintances

  • fresh knowledge and skills

  • positive charge for the whole year

  • high-quality developmental rest

  • life situations solution

  • health skills

  • ease of expression

  • health recovery and burst of energy

  • you will see new life opportunities

  • expand life scope and understanding of life

  • start a new life you have always dreamed of

  • raise awareness

  • easy answers to tough questions

  • discover new facets of your personality

  • the ability to enjoy the life moments

  • unforgettable trip to India with like-minded people

👍 Spiritual development and personal development

  • How to enjoy life here and now?

  • How to create your environment the way you dreamed?

  • How to find your destination?

  • How to direct cash flow to your pocket? :)

  • How to "attract" the desired events in your life?

  • How to be always healthy and in high boost?

  • How to find a state of inner harmony?

  • How to develop your intuition? How to hear the inner voice?

  • How to open an endless source of energy?

  • How to manage the universe without attracting the orderlies’ attention? :))

👍 Practical psychology and relationships:

  • What is happiness and where does it live? :)

  • How to make your dreams come true?

  • How to become successful?

  • How to find your soul mate and build

  • harmonious relationship?

  • How to make your man successful?

  • How to make your woman happy?

  • How to improve family relations?

  • How to bring up happy children?

  • How to manage your emotions?

  • How to overcome your fears?

  • How to become the soul of the company?

  • Resource state: how to achieve and maintain it?


👍 Self-actualization, career and business:

  • How to achieve your goals?

  • How to manage funds and build effective financial strategies?

  • How to reveal your hidden talents and abilities?

  • How to build a career of your dreams?

  • Self-presentation: how do people around you perceive you?

  • The art of negotiation. How to convince?

  • Planning basics. Time management. How to manage with all the affairs?

  • Public performance. How to speak well?

  • How to build a profitable business?

  • Basics of marketing and management.


👍 Physical development and health

  • How to be always healthy?

  • How to stay always sharp and have a beautiful body?

  • Yoga, gymnastics, sports, dancing - what suits you?

  • How to  get rid of the blocks and clips in the body in short order?

  • The most effective methods for weight loss

  • Quenching, fasting, raw foods - do you need it?

  • How to make relaxing and therapeutic massages for yourself and your loved ones in short order?

  • How to cleanse your body?

  • Basics of proper breathing.

👍 Creativity, travel, leisure:

  • How to make your life bright and interesting?

  • How to engage in creativity and make money on it?

  • Dancing as a lifestyle or lifestyle as a dancing :)

  • Traveling around the world: instructions for beginners

  • How to build your life so that there is time to

  • travel a lot?

  • How to save on travel?

  • How to travel for business?

  • Acting skills. How to apply it in everyday life?

  • Handmade lessons: how to create beauty with your own hands?

  • Musical Instrument Lessons


  • creative personalities

  • housewives

  • businessmen

  • psychologists

  • yogis

  • hippie

  • students

  • esoteric

  • travelers

  • office workers

  • IT specialists

  • freelancers

  • photographers

  • vegetarians

  • tourists

  • raw foodists

  • artists

  • musicians

  • hand makers

  • free personalities

Some feedbacks from participants about the festival:

"Zvuki Zemli" Group

I thank all the Wonder City organizers, volunteers and masters, this was my fifth Wonder City, and I want to say it is getting better and better each time. I am glad the number of people is increasing, which means the organizers' ideas are gaining. I also want to express my deep gratitude from my "Zvuki Zemli" Group, because the storytellers are our favorite audience, we all love and hug you. Have a nice day and night!

Beautiful multi-faceted, versatile festival! Proven by time! I wish both development and inspiration to you, Dear organizers!

Project "Life is a miracle" - Director

My Path began with it, there were a lot of acquaintances which turned my life around.

I love Wonder City and wish it prosperity!

Popular photographer, multi-talented Man.

The most wonderful and fabulous place on Earth!

Сказка - это волшебное место.

A Wonder City is a magical place.

A Wonder City is a magical place.

Parallel reality, your element.

This is your world.

All the rest is in you, these are the feelings you live here and now.

My kind and true reality is with pleasant, magical people.

A Tale is a place of happiness people come both share and accumulate.

It is so great a Wonder City...

It is so great a Wonder City with fabulous inhabitants annually appears among the fairy-tale forest, or on the seashore. The festival is filled with both good and happiness. Many thanks to the organizers, making this festival better year after year! For their titanic work and the soul put up in the organization!

From Odessa...

My heart is filled with love, light and gratitude! This Wonder City has become a real fairy tale for me: there was rain and sun, tears and laughter, pain and love, fiction and truth ... thanks for creating a space where love and support between people literally lies a single connective tissue throughout the City! ) it is, in fact, both outside the festival, but it didn’t hurt to remind once more about it!) events like this Tale do not let me forget about it!) I carry a handful of fairy tales in the present, sparkling with golden light) ... Love, thank you!

P.S: I still see slender beautiful drum rhythms from the meadow) ...

From Kharkiv...

Many thanks to the Wonder City” residents, of course, to all the organizers, having created such an awesome rest. Everything was cool!!! THANKS!!!!

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Festival history since 2007

60 000

members for all the time


festival days


years we give joy


member countries


held events


workshops held

Festival AIM::

  • Creating the conditions and shaping Creative, Constructive Conscious, Happy, Healthy People Generation

Festivals " Wonder City " are held several times a year in different places of Ukraine and other countries.

Since 2007, more than 30 events have been held - near Kyiv, in the Crimea, in Kharkov, near Odessa.


" Wonder City " is a synthesis of the conference and the traditional festival, developmental programs and cultural events.

The educational program is presented in the form of practical workshops and trainings conducted by famous masters.

The festival is a unique opportunity for people, regardless of age, experience and preparation to find themselves in creativity, communication, healthy and positive lifestyle.


“Wonder City” is a combination of a human physical, social and spiritual development.

A unique combination of programs allows you to develop creative abilities in the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding, in harmony with nature and society.


The idea of the festival is multifaceted and diverse!!

The basics are:



Clarity in thoughts, emotions, actions, states.

Freedom of internal and external choice in self-development and self-realization.



The festival format - the development and positive creativity.

The Wonder City SUGGESTS to build up your life and the surrounding world, creativity, joy, love, harmony based on the free choice of each person


Creativity is a creative approach.

We are talking about creativity, not only in the classic version.

A person is considered to be as the Creator of his Life and He creates it in co-creation with the surrounding World.

Creativity is proposed to use as a goal, as a tool and as a process.



In order to have more fun creating your own World, the Wonder City offers a huge amount of tools for “Myself-” and “World-Creativity”.


The principle of "Humor and Acceptance"

The Wonder City offers to treat with both humor and acceptance to yourself and the surrounding World


Plurality - unity in diversity.

Wonder City includes a huge number of multidirectional development types and methods.

It is in this diversity the inner core of a person is formed.


Wonder City Principle

The festival offers to believe in miracles, fairy tales and to build a fairytale city on this basis))


Healthy lifestyle

Body health, healthy thoughts, energy health


Proximity to Nature

Harmonious interaction with nature.

Creating your life in co-creation with nature.


The atmosphere of Harmony, Joy, Love - as a goal, as a tool and as a process.


The festival territory is free from alcohol and drugs.

The program of "Wonder City" is both diverse and exciting!

This is a festival of practical training.

Many interesting creative people are going to share their experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, meet, just chat, find friends, loved ones, new meanings of life, have fun ...)))

As a result, an atmosphere of openness, joy, warmth, friendship, mutual understanding is created at our festival ...)))

Such an atmosphere is the main feature of our festivals!)

Festivals “Wonder City” are held several times a year in different places of Ukraine.

The main festival program directions:

  • Esoteric and spiritual practices

  • Physical development, yoga, breathing practices

  • Music, dance, theater, poetry, prose, art

  • Practical psychology, business training, photo, body art

  • Fair hand-made, vegetarian cooking, conscious parenting, child development

  • Ecology, new technologies

  • Ethnic cultures of different world nations

  • Path of Joy is one of the most beautiful ways))))