For children in age 7 - 14 years old the contribution is in amount:

The whole festival: $ 28

One (any) day: $ 4

For children up to 6 years old - participation is free.


If your child has already been at the festival - child is a Wonder City resident and the price included discount at the moment is:

The whole festival: $ 28

One (any) day: $ 4


Only 30 tickets

for this price !

Dear parents, please notice you should fill in reg. form for each child you want to go with.


The form is filled for children of ANY AGE (from the age of 0) so that the organizers can find the parents of their favorite children.

Org. fee for children up to 6 years inclusive is not paid, we need confirmation of birth certificate.


PLEASE: Parents, write the current phone number and always be in touch.


Friends, please note that the organizers are not directly responsible for the children at the festival. Please, pay attention.


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