Welcome, friends!

The educational part of the festival program is presented in the practical workshops and training form.

By participating in the Wonder City, you get the opportunity to present your system, school, methodology of YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE (to those people who are interested in it), and also to share your knowledge, experience, skills.

Participation for the Wonder City festival presenters in India is without an organization fee.

Leading provide accommodation, meals, flight, etc independently.


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of Wonder City.

Opportunities for coaches:

1. The possibility of holding any number of workshopsat the Wonder City festival from January 3 to January 12 within the framework of the main and additional festival blocks.

Schedule here

2. Placement of information about you and your MCs on the Internet resources of the Wonder City, on social networks (Facebook, VK) and on our website is according to the schedule and time possibilities of the Wonder City organizers.

3. The possibility of placing your handouts and announcements in special informational places at the festival;

4. Placement of your contacts in the print edition of the festival magazine-program, subjecting to the timely application submission.

5. Possibility of holding individual consultations, messages, etc. at the festival for an additional charge;

6. If you spend your workshop together with another trainer (assistant) - there is an opportunity to bring him without an organizing fee, while the registration of the assistant is MANDATORY

7. Attendance of all the Festival workshops;

8. Participation in the entertainment program.

How to participate as a trainer in a Wonder City?

1. Fill out the registration form

Important: Reg. form is filled for EVERY participant in the festival (for a friend, for a child of any age, for a wife, etc.).

To e-mail (decision of the organizers) is received within 7 working days from the date of filling reg. form.



2. Receive an electronic invitation to your email within 7 working days from the moment you fill out the feedback form.

Print it out in full and show it at the festival registration, or show the letter on your gadget, or give the unique registration number of the electronic invitation to the registration staff)))

See you in the fairy tale))


The Wonder City festival format is practical workshops. Therefore, consider the following ratio - up to a maximum of 30% of theory and a minimum of 70% of practice.

P.S. The Wonder City organizers reserve the right to refuse to participate in the festival without giving any reason. If, at the time of such refusal, the org. fee has already been paid, the funds will be refunded in full.

P.P.S. If you do not have e-mail, be sure to call back to the organizers.

P.P.P.S. If the confirmation email has not been received within 7 business days:

1) Do not worry :)

2) Check the "Spam" folder.

3) Call the organizers in a calm mood.


The main criteria for competitive selection:


1. A variety of programs.

2. The practical component of the workshop (at least 70% of the practice, 30% of theory).

3. Coach qualification and charisma.

4. Proximity to the Wonder City idea and format.