Dancing is a secret language of the soul!

Dancing is a body movement that leads to the human physical and the spiritual unity. This is the relationship between external and internal space, a splash of positive energy! This is one of the most ancient forms of art. Anyone can dance and everyone finds something special for themselves.

Dancing reflects both feelings and emotions. This is a way to escape from everyday worries and relax, relieve tension, improve mood and mental state. This is a beautiful and emotionally rich way to harmoniously develop and strengthen the body, its coordination, dexterity, adjust the shape and improve health. This is a way of self-improvement. The ability to find and prove yourself!

The format of the festival assumes the music and lyrics should carry love, joy, humor, openness, warmth, awareness and harmony - both as in process and as a result!

It means that:

The lyrics should not contain any words of negative shades.


pain, suffering, grief, fear, shock, sadness, sadness, separation, death, unrequited love, alcohol, depression, drugs, aggression, political motives, propaganda of interethnic and interracial strife, etc.

If the song as a whole has a positive key,

but there is at least one word with a negative shade - THIS SONG IS NOT FORMATIC!

If you share our love for dance and want to fill our entertainment program with your performance, we are waiting for you!

To take part in the festival you should:

1) Read about the Wonder City traditions and taboos

2) Submit an application >> to participate in the festival.

3) Receive participation confirmation

4) Come to the festival and create a fabulous sound together.))


We are waiting for you at the festival !!!!!))))