Rhythm is a universal principle, both creating and organizing life in all its manifestations and forms. A person who is able to permeate his life and his body with rhythm, joins the deepest universe secrets, acquiring unprecedented power. The rhythm affects person as a whole, equally bringing up and shaping his body, soul and spirit.

At the Wonder City Festival, we offer everyone to plunge into the atmosphere of infinity, spontaneous dance and the sound of drum rhythm.

Drummers have become an integral part of our festival. We invite you, dear drummers, to take part in the main program of “Wonfer DRUM-ZONE” along with the best percussion schools in Ukraine.

To get into the main drummers composition, you must:

1) Read about the “Wonder City” traditions and taboos

2) Take the video (you may do it on the phone) as you drum (any rhythms) - the link will need to be attached to the registration form. You can post your video on Facebook, Youtube, VKontakte

3) Be ready to drum all night!

4) Have your instrument (s) to come to the Festival.

5) Submit a DRUMER APPLICATION to participate in the festival.

6) Get a confirmation email with the registration number of your inclusion in the main festival drummers. You will receive the number from the confirmation letter at the festival entrance.

7) Come to the festival and thunder in full force! ))

May the FAST RHYTHM arrive with you!

If you are traveling as a team and you want to perform on stage, please fill out an additional application for musical groups, so that we bring you to the program.