If you are:

- The one who loves the kerosene smell and smells it a mile away (we know each other by the smell;))

- The one who comes back home smeared with soot in the evenings

- The one who is aware of what izis differ from the chair

- The one who shakes off kerosene aside from everything before burning

- The one who strives for even planes and colors (there is no limit to perfection!)

- The one who keeps the pokruton distance


Then you here :)

In the fayer business, both romance and atmosphere are our own, but kerosene is often common :) and not only this unites us.

Fire - The one who gives an opportunity to make everyone happy, and we love it for this.


- Take the LED tool to the festival (CHARGED) and you can bring a friend with you for free! (Just report this to the organizers in advance)


Probably, almost everyone has already seen a fire show on the streets and squares of their cities, on summer seaside quays and beaches. One or several people, under the battle of drums and tambourines, draw out whimsical designs with burning torches in the night sky. This is not intricate at first glance, the action has a fantastic, downright mesmerizing effect, immersing you in some kind of hypnotic trance.


It’s very difficult to describe all the sensations when you dance in a fiery buzzing ball, then you can see and feel this ... They emanate some mystery, something transcendent, any words here will be weak.


Everyone finds something of their own in a fire show and in a LED show for some, it is a sport, for someone it is drawn to the fire, for others it is a new and combining several advantages hobby, for many it is a whole life philosophy. All agree on one thing: the fire is very exciting, like in childhood, you just have to try.

Therefore, the fire show is always in the center of the evening program of the Wonder City))


PROCEDURE FOR REGISTRATION to the main structure (WITHOUT ORG. FEE) of firemen:


1) Read about the Wonder City traditions and taboos

2) Read the rules for firemen (see below)

3) Take a video (you may do it on the phone) of your solo number or bundles (at least 1 minute), of course with your own requisite, then attach the video file to the application

4) Apply fireman to participate in the festival (with video file)

5) Receive a confirmation with the registration number of your inclusion in the main festival composition via e-mail address. You will receive the number from the confirmation letter at the festival entrance.

6) Come to the festival and light))



1. Information about all the registered firemen at the Festival is transmitted to the firewall coordinator.

2. The meeting will be on the festival territory on 01/01/2019 immediately after the grand Festival opening. The place of gathering is determined.

3. Independent exit / run out / springing out of the queue without the Coordinator consent - is prohibited! Please, respect other firemen and safety rules!

4. In the Wonder City there are lists of firemen, which are maintained at each Festival and information is saved:


Green list - firemen who have repeatedly visited the festival, having good technique and do not violating the rules. May be registered by the organizers in priority order.

The red list - firemen who have violated the established order or disappear during pokruton without good reason. Firefighters from the red list can go to green for several Festivals, observing the Rules.

Black list - if during several Festivals the fire artist is on the red list for violations. Applications from blacklisted firemen for participation in the Festival as a fireman are not accepted. You can register as a regular member by paying the org.fee on a general basis.