• - 10 days of the Ocean Coast Festival

  • - 10 days of workshops, practical classes

  • - esoteric and spiritual practices

  • - practical psychology, relationships

  • - yoga, physical development

  • - business training

  • - tuition on musical instruments

  • - dance practices

  • - holotropic breathing

  • - vegetarian cooking

  • - accommodation in hotels and hostels near the festival

  • - many other things...

This is a festival of practical training.

Many interesting creative people are going to share their experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, meet, just chat, find friends, loved ones, new meanings of life, have fun ...)))

As a result, an atmosphere of openness, joy, warmth, friendship, mutual understanding is created at our festival ...)))

Such an atmosphere is the main feature of our festivals!)

Festivals “Wonder City” are held several times a year in different places of Ukraine.



Take a part for minimal price!

The festival program The fairy tale city consists mainly of a master classes development program - during the day and an evening entertainment program.

At the entrance to the festival, each participant in the festival can receive a free magazine with a program of workshops and concerts, A4 format. The program describes in detail the declared workshops and presenters, there are contacts of coaches and presenters, information on practical training topics, as well as naming of musical groups, including the time of their performance on stage.

* Days are divided into 3-4 master class blocks;

The block consists of a presentation line of trainers and the master class itself.
* The line of trainers - alternate performance of trainers with self-presentation and description of their MC on the stage in the central clearing of the festival participants.

* With the number of coaches, from 60 people - the organizer of the festival holds


The program of the fairytale city is filled and updated constantly! Follow our news!

50% of the leaders come to our festivals constantly,

A general understanding of the music program can be based on past archives



The legendary festival of creativity and self-development "Fairy Tale City" in which you will have 10 days of master classes and practical classes:
Psychology, relationships, yoga, business technology, dance practices, live concerts every day, incendiary fire shows and many more interesting