Organizational aspects of the participation of coaches at the festival

Some simple, but important org. moments.

The format of the festival Fairy City:

* Practical workshops.
When preparing and conducting MC, consider the following ratio - up to a maximum of 30% of theory and at least 70% of the practice.
* Positive mindset.
Please think through your self-presentations whenever possible without using negative particles, as well as any forms of aggression and suffering.
* Accordingly, black magic, satanism, voodoo, and others - not in the format of the festival.


* Day is divided into 4 blocks of master classes;

The block consists of a presentation line of trainers and the master class itself.
* The line of trainers - alternate performance of trainers with self-presentation and description of their MC on the stage in the central clearing of the festival participants.

* With the number of coaches from 60 people - the organizer of the festival conducts a presentation


The schedule of the main and additional blocks of the festival:

1st block 8.00-10.00
2nd block 10.15-12.15
3rd block 13.15-15.15

4th block 15.30-17.30

from 20:30 - music program

After 00:00 night additional block of master classes - time at the request of the coach, but within the time 00:00 - 05:00


* Presentation of the presenter at the general assembly should not last more than 30 seconds.
* Please prepare in advance for self-presentation and appreciate the time of participants, coaches, organizers.
* During self-presentation, as well as during communication between coaches, disrespectful phrases are unacceptable in relation to other coaches.
* HUGE REQUEST to prepare a brief presentation video of yourself and your master classes in the Fairytale city - preferably not more than 2 minutes. This video can be shot on your smartphone or you can take a smartphone or camera from your friends, if you cannot find a smartphone or camera yourself - come to our office, we will write down - just call in advance.

Your video will be published on the festival website and in social networks according to the organizers' schedule.
* To confirm that your MC is holding and to secure the glades for the duration of the MC, you must go to the scene coordinator at least 30 minutes before the start of the coaches line.
* The master class must be completed 15 minutes before the start of the next line-presentation of the presenters or the MK block, so that participants can catch the next line or the MK.

This is respect for the festival format and other presenters.
* Any group workshops during the festival are free of charge for all interested participants.
* At the time stated in the schedule, only master classes are held for all participants of the festival. Individual consultations are held outside the main schedule!
* The organizers of the Fairy Tale City Festival reserve the right to refuse to participate in the festival without giving any reason. If at the time of such a refusal org. fee, the funds will be refunded in full.