Music is the only universal language, it is not necessary to translate it, the soul speaks with its help with another soul!!!


The “Wonder City” festival is open for filling the evening entertainment program with a new harmonious and cheerful sounding performed by both well-known and novice groups.


The festival format assumes the music and lyrics should carry love, joy, humor, openness, warmth, awareness and harmony - both in process and as a result!


It means that:

The lyrics should not contain any words of negative shades.



pain, suffering, grief, fear, shock, sadness, sadness, separation, death, unrequited love, alcohol, depression, drugs, aggression, political motives, propaganda of interethnic and interracial strife, etc.


If the song as a whole has a positive key,

but there is at least one word with a negative shade - THIS SONG IS NOT FORMATIC!


In this case, all these negative emotions can be in the text and music

AT THE CONDITION OF DIRECT HUMOR over these emotions and states.


There are no restrictions on music (style of music),

but within reason (without hard rock, scream, etc.))))

Dance music of different countries and nations, mantra, ethnic is welcome!

If your views on music coincide with ours - we will complement each other perfectly

To take part in the festival you should:

1) Read about the Wonder City traditions and taboos

2) Submit an application >> to participate in the festival.

3) Receive participation confirmation

4) Come to the festival and create a fabulous sound together.))


We are waiting for you at the festival !!!!!))))