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Advanced techniques of phototropic breathing and rebirthing. Radical expansion of consciousness

VEDALIFE fest!!!

Free yoga, veg food, mantras, music and art!

Pre-registration on the website is free!

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“ZEN TIME” is a project of newtime people - a time when love, joy, knowledge of yourself and the world are not just “in fashion”, but also unite society! But this is not the new thing, this is what nature has inherent in each of us.... a long time ago!

Time-cafe BesedniZza - the coziest place outside your house where everything is free except the time. It offers high-speed Wi-Fi, our wonderful library and the most popular board games, film screenings, live music, game libraries, performances, club meetings for socializing and much more.

Our doors are open from 8:00 to 23:30 daily. Address: Mykhaylovska Street, 6A (Maydan Nezalezhnosti metro station).

Festival of personal development called Life as miracle. The entrance is free after registration on the

Come with friends!

The Tantra Camp is an annual, summer all-Ukrainian OPEN AIR festival which brings together

esoteric and science.

Place: natural reserve & quot; Tarasiv Obriy & quot; On the Left Bank of the Dnieper River -

opposite to the International resortof Tarasova Mountain in the Kanev city.

The INDIASTYLE online store is a unique author's clothing, wonderful handmade jewelry and accessories from India. Here you will find men's, women's and even children's clothing, filled with warmth and oriental coloring.  If you are close to ethnic and boho styles, India, yoga and tribal aesthetics – you should visit us!

Practicing Chinese and Tibetan medicine, the great Avicenna’s medicine, Dr. Vasilyev travels the world, conducts seminars where he transmits his knowledge.

Dr. Alisher Vasliev participated in expeditions to the shamans of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.

We invite you to visit the exhibition of professionals and companies of personality development PSY & COACH EXPO

Kyiv, October 20 in the NSC Olympic!

Thematic sections of the exhibition: Business training, trainings of various directions,

self-development, beauty and health, transformational games, coaching and more. Link for registration