In the Wonder City, each festival is organized by a photo department, shooting not only the cheerful faces of the City, but also all the workshops, rulers and even greets guests at the reception. All is done in order to please the participants with a variety of magical, unforgettable and unique frames not in a month, but every festival day.


Each photographer will be responsible for several platforms where workshops, practices and performances will be held. So, our dear photographers, you will have to shoot a lot, but, as usual, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere :)


Requirements for photographers:

responsibility and creativity :)

To take part in the festival you should:

  1. Read about the Wonder City traditions and taboos

  1. Read the Rules for photographers and videographers (see below)

  2. Fill in the registration FORM >>


Rules for photographers and videographers


Rules for the participation of photographers / video operators at the Fairy Tale City Festival:
1. It is important not only to have a camera, but also to be able to take pictures! To do this, you send a portfolio to the organizers of the Festival and the curator of photographers. The decision on your participation as a photographer is taken by the organizing committee and you will be notified about it.
2. “Fabulous Photographers” - work on volunteer bases, i.e. on voluntary terms. No charge! Your work is the entrance fee!
3. According to the conditions, the Festival has the right to use photos and videos for their own purposes without notifying the Author.
4. For those who pass the stage of accreditation: Photographer takes RAW + Jpg! RAW - for Himself (if necessary!) JPG - for the Festival! RAW - You can use for post production, replenishment of your personal portfolio, participation in photo contests, photo exhibitions - the Festival does not exhibit claims.
5. If you already consider yourself a professional, then work “cleanly”, the works merge without processing! Good spoon for dinner!
6. Photos are dumped twice a day, according to the planned schedule, on the computers of the organizers.
7. Place of "plum" photos - registration, or other specified place. The girl, if you're lucky - the boy)
8. A member of the organizing committee responsible for placing photos in social groups, trying to keep authorship! If you are not ashamed of NOT processed photos, then you designate them and they will be posted by unsigned Organizers! This does NOT deprive you of the right to post the processed masterpieces after the Festival!
10. Writing photographers are welcome! Announcements in local / regional Internet editions are welcomed (with obligatory coordination with the organizers !!!). Welcomed as a “Resident of the Fairytale City” and a member of the Team to disseminate information about the traditions and friendliness of the “Fairytale City”. Compliance with the general rules of "Fairy Tale Resident".
11. Presence of photo / video equipment for stream is welcomed! Photos of the device with Wi-Fi, as an additional device GoPro camera or its prototype, smart phones with a good camera. Instant photo / video distribution

in social. groups under the tags #Familytown, #skazkafest and # skazka2019 # skazkafest2019 # skazkagoa2019 # skazkafestgoa2019 # fairytale everywhere.
12. If “Fabulous Photographer” did NOT merge photographs by the end of the day, then “Fabulous Photographer” automatically falls into the “Black List” section!
13. If the photographer has passed the Accreditation and for three calendar days for the NOT warned the Coordinator of the photographer about his absence or the displacement of the dates of the shooting, automatically goes to the “Black List” section!