Dear friends!

We invite journalists and media representatives to cooperate, - you will have something to surprise your readers and viewers, as WONDER CITY is more than a hundred workshops in areas such as spiritual and esoteric practices, practical psychology, yoga, massage, dance, music, and so on.

It is important for us the publications about the festival to be in a positive way! If it responds to you - welcome to us.

Accreditation of journalists is required!

Also, please coordinate with the organizers publication before posting and provide them with source materials (photo / video).

In order to obtain journalist accreditation, you must:

  1. Read about the Wonder City traditions and taboos

  2. Apply for accreditation to participate in the festival.

  3. Get an email confirmation of accreditation with a registration number, which you inform at the festival entrance.

  4. Come to the festival and highlight our event with warmth in your heart.