We offer you to play a reality game "Wonder City»!!!

A space of openness, joy, love and mutual understanding will be created.

If you agree - please, play on the festival territory according to the rules below, and then, if you want, in everyday life!!!

1. You have entered the territory of Awareness, Love, Joy, Creativity, Positive and Full Enlightenment!

2. Walking around the festival, look into the eyes of the person passing by and smile! If your smiles meet, come and hug this beautiful person!

3. Take full responsibility for your physical and mental condition, as well as for your things.

Dear parents, be responsible for your children!

4. Participating in a workshop / training and suddenly feeling you want to leave it - feel free to do it at any time!

5. Go to the toilet in WC.

6. Love the surrounding space, watch your cleanliness and be aware with fire.

7. Accept and respect all the people around you and events as they are! Everything in this world is your reflection, you are beautiful in all your aspects! LOVE each other!

8. Feel free to contact other people for help! If you need something - ask the festival participants, volunteers, organizers.

9. Offer help at least once a day.

10. Give thanks! Gratitude is a great power!

11. When using the shower, water and bathroom, make sure everyone can fulfill their hygienic needs without a long wait and get to the workshops in time.

Take care of the water! Take a shower in pairs;)

12. If you want to support the festival financially, you can contribute to the special boxes with the words “To the development of the Wonder City Festival”!

13. Respectfully join any action, taking place nearby! And / or create your own!

14. If you want to share your knowledge, skills with other people, show them your creative manifestations - contact the organizers - we will add your excellent workshops and / or creative performance to the festival program.

15. Wear the Festival participant (bracelet or badge) decals as an ornament, with joy! Such a badge of honor will exclude unnecessary questions to you from the organizers about the legality of placing you on the Festival territory. Enjoy everything in full!

16. If you have captured what is happening at the festival in a photo, video, etc., please share this with us. All the materials created at the festival can be used by the organizers for their own purposes without the need to notify about it. Intellectual property rights of media materials created in the "Wonder City" festival space belongs equally to the authors of the material and the festival organizers. Media materials are video, audio, photo, text, printed or handwritten, paintings, drawings and sketches, as well as other media containing information related to the Wonder City festival, its participants, space, and organizers. The use of the festival symbols, logos and logo inscriptions, corporate identity elements and company characters is allowed only when agreed with the org. Festival committee. Disputes are resolved within the framework of current legislation.

The organizers are not responsible for the publication media materials by festival participants.


One of the Wonder City ideas is a Healthy Lifestyle! Therefore, the territory of the festival is free from any drugs, alcohol, etc., as well as people who are in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication.

18. Be creative! Open, Free, Easy! Play like kids!

* Invent musical instruments from scrap items. Make beautiful sounds, combining them in a symphony! Sing

* Share with others!

* Be wise - Smile!

* Come up with games! At least one per day).

* Decorate each other and the city with beautiful things.

* Offer help at least once a day.

* Speak verses periodically!!!!!!

* Give each other gifts!

19. If any of the game rules or the game itself is not harmonious with your world picture, then you can always leave the game, with warmth in your soul, realizing the experience gained!

20. Basic rule: NO rules! The most important thing is to remember / forget about the main thing!

The world is wonderful! It creates us, and we it!

Let's create together a wonderful fairytale city!

Let's sing, let's live,

Let's love your life

And meet the dawn every day,

As if you are seventeen years old!

Eat less, sleep less,

Do not look tips in books

You will only find the answer by yourself

How beautiful it is, white light!