Taboos and commitments:


Making the decision to participate in the festival:

- I take responsibility for myself, my life and health, my belongings on the territory of the festival;

- I have no drug addiction, mental and physical limitations, diseases that can create a risk for me and / or other people participating in this event;

- I myself choose what to do with me and what to allow doing with me at this event, and I am responsible for my choice;

- I am aware of the working with mental states importance, including altered state of consciousness, testifying to my mental health and taking responsibility for my condition and behavior;

- I am informed not only joyful experiences can arise, but also discomfort as a result of working at a workshop and I take responsibility for it on myself;

- I am informed that I will be removed from the event territory in case of the bracelet pass loss.


3. I undertake:

- not to take alcoholic, low-alcoholic beverages, drugs on the eve and during the event;

- not to distribute and not to take part in the alcoholic, including low-alcohol beverages and narcotic substances' distribution.

- treat and behave with respect to ALL the other participants and trainers of the festival, not to express negative or disrespect towards other coaches;

- to respect the organizers decisions on the format of the festival;

- to be responsible for belongings taken at the festival;

- not to harm the health of others;

- to keep clean its habitat, smoke in strictly designated areas, do not cause damage to property;

- to maintain confidentiality and not to disclose information relating to other participants, which was heard at workshops and coaching groups.


4. I agree to be informed about such events in the future.


5. I know I can be excluded from participation in the event without the organization fee compensation for accepted obligations' violation.


6. I confirm I am an adult, bearing the full responsibility for myself at the time of the event.


Also, with respect, we want to remind you of the list of the Wonder City prohibitions.

At the Wonder City festival, it is FORBIDDEN:

1. Drink alcoholic beverages (including low alcohol).

2. To be in alcohol intoxication in the festival territory.

3. Use officially prohibited drugs.

4. To be intoxicated on the festival territory.

5. Distribute and take part in the alcoholic, including low-alcohol beverages and narcotic substances' distribution.

6. Aggressive behavior, expressed as both physical and psychological impact.

7. Symbols, conversations, discussions, slogans proclamation and chants on such topics: politics, nationalism, military actions.


HUGE REQUEST to treat with respect and follow all the festival rules!

If these rules are not harmonious for you, please do not come to the festival territory!


If you have already paid, and these rules are not harmonious for you, contact the organizers, and we will refund you the full amount!

The organizers of the Wonder City Festival reserve the right to refuse to participate in the festival and / or conduct workshops without giving a reason. If, at the time of such refusal, the org. fee has already been paid, the funds will be refunded in full.

We will be forced to ask you to leave the festival without compensation of the organization fee for these rules' violation on the festival territory.

We remind once again!

"Wonder City" is out of politics, nationalism, aggression, drugs and alcohol.

With respect and warmth from the heart,

team of the "Wonder City" festival organizers.