Leading workshops
33rd International Festival
"Wonder city"

Victoria Filina

Writer, publisher, screenwriter, author of the children's writing course.
I enjoy to write fairy tales. Having collected, edited and published a fairy tales' collection of my students in India "Arambol Tales". I have been writing a course and holding workshops for two years .


Olga Karunika

Vastu-expert, student of Dr. Sri Prabat Poddar (Temple of Unity architect and the Auroville curator), organizer of author tours in India

Svetlana Stepanova

Bioenergy therapist.
Working with biofield, human energy, emotions, blocks.
I help on the path of both inner transformation and self-knowledge.


Oleg and Elena Rey

Creators of Retreat Eco-Center "Manor Rey"; Reiki Master; The Lead of Om Chanting and Slavic Energy Practices;


Shiva Girish
(Meditation Master)

Seminar "I forgive, accept and love myself" with Shiva Girish - Shiva



Founder of "Relationship Workshop" & Author of the course "Intuitive Sexuality" & Sexologist & Tantra Master & Body-Oriented Therapist & Hypnotherapist & Cosmoenergy & Reiki & Direct Student Maya Mandala & Mom & Wife


Filippenko Ilya

Musician. Founder of both Ethno Drum's Percussion School and Drum Space Cultural Center, Founder of the Ethno Drum Festival


Gestalt coaching, NLP practitioner, Reiki level 2. Work with destination search; relationship in a pair; parent-child relationship.


Vitaliy Daliyev

An event host of television and events.
Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and poet.

Yoga teacher, nutritionist, applied kinesiologist.
Actor, humorist, stand-uper, videobloger.


Maria Fedoseeva

Neuroyoga Instructor, Divine Body Alignment Therapist, Psychosomatics Specialist, Master of Quantum Awareness Technologies, New Age Energetic Guide


Maya Abris

Practitioner yogin. Founder of the course "Yoga for life, but not life for Yoga." Photographer. Poetess.


Danko Elena
Couch muse

The author and training coach of 6 progames - I Am Alive, Around the World, Reality Matrix, Fate Zodiac, Rodosvet, Evenings on a farm near Dikanka; psychologist, coach, astrologer, Reiki Master



-Meditation "Freed breath."
Zen-game Satori (enlightenment).
Breathing exercises and pranayama will be everywhere in different configurations and with different breathing algorithms.
-More jogging Run 8/8.


Ananda Das

Both coach and therapist with extensive experience in the sphere; Taoist practices - Qigong, Neigun, Taichi, Coach of Iliykuan school - Junxindao. Master of style: Magic spirals. Plant Strength Specialist


Yoda Dmitry

Teaching breathing practice for 10 years.


Alena Snorkina )))

yoga ticher


Lyudmila Halykainen

Psychologist, procedural therapist



Psychologist, processual psychotherapist


Elena Alekseeva

The magic is around us and within everyone. I teach you to see the hidden things in our everyday life, to heal yourself on your own.
Guide to the Force, Leading the course "Living Your Design".



Master of female respiratory and meditative practices. Author of women's programs. Numerologist. Tarolog.



1) Vinyasa Yoga Partner Yoga 2) Massage Therapy 3) Tibetian Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Prem sadhu

Founder of oshoanic


Shiva Mahadev

Studying 8 step ashtanga yoga. Conducting seminars on yoga philosophy and nuances of yoga sadhana, as well as practice in various static-dynamic areas to uncover the body and relieve clamps and stresses.


Dackovskiy Mark

Body Practice


Dmitriy Akulov

The head of the Wonder city festival


Datskovky Mark

Body Practice



Born in Georgia. The poet himself is a philosopher. Kind and without scary. I have been studying Vedic literature for more than 20 years.


Fulvari Margarita

Trainer of the year in Russia according to Trainings


Tamila Ruzmatova

Ruzmatova Tamila is a certified specialist in Ayurvedic medicine and pulse diagnostics, traditional healing systems, with experience in Ayurvedic clinics in India.



Certified leading dancer Mandala Level 2, dynamic meditations, dance intensives on the development of dance potential, organizer and host of dance-healing programs.


Swami Devam

HasibProfessional musician. Percussion instruments. Osho Meditations Tibetan singing master massage.


Ma Prem Vimal

English teacher.