Volonteer's page

Volunteers embody the values and ideas that underlie the festival and happily carry them to the masses.


Volunteers of the Fairy Tale City are the creators of the festival space and structure. Volunteers fill this structure with life, breath and love. This implies that they bear some responsibility for how the festival will be.

The best volunteers who have worked well have received the status of GOLDEN volunteer. Gold volunteers are actively involved in organizing the festival. Department coordinators grow from volunteers of the gold list, and some become organizers, putting their ideas and work into the development of the Fairy Tale City. The entire current team of organizers consists of people who came to the festival for the first time as a volunteer.
Many talented and intelligent people come to the festival! Develop with us, share your knowledge and experience with people, give them joy and smiles! Together we make this world kinder and more beautiful, join us!

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take part in the organization - contact us immediately!