Volonteer's creed

In order to maintain order in the process of organizing the festival Wonder City, you need to follow certain rules.
Here are the rules that volunteers need to rely on in their activities:


- To drive into the territory of the festival and leave the festival at a specified time before and after the festival.

- It is located on the territory of the festival during the preparation, conduct and review of the festival. If necessary, leave the festival in your free time and return on time to the beginning of your shift.

- To keep watch on shifts: do not be late, come to shifts.

- If you need to skip a shift - inform the department coordinator.

- If you can - find a replacement.

- Perform tasks, responsibility for which performance lies with the volunteer during his duty.

- Tasks are written in instructions that will be communicated to each volunteer, depending on the department that he chooses.

- Present at meetings with department coordinators and at general meetings. (exception - volunteer on shift)

- Do not use or distribute alcohol and drugs during the festival.

- Perform instructions from the coordinator of the volunteers and organizers, even if the volunteer is not on shift and this is not part of his task.

- Know and follow the rules of the festival.

- Know which bracelets correspond to which period of stay at the festival.
If a volunteer sees a person without a bracelet or with an expired bracelet, call the security chief by phone or reach the nearest radio station and call the security chief or any of the organizers on the radio.

- If the volunteer sees a person in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication - call the security chief by phone or reach the nearest radio station and call the security chief or any of the organizers on the radio

- If a volunteer sees that urgent help is needed somewhere - take the initiative and help.

- If the volunteer is on a shift and cannot help - inform the coordinator of your department, the volunteer coordinator or his deputy or someone from the organizing team that you need help somewhere.

- Take care of the festival property.

- Take good care of nature.

- smile to people around

- Give warmth and hugging to people around

- respectful of others

- In case of a violation by a volunteer of these rules, a pledge that a volunteer contributes is withdrawn to the festival fund (in whole or in part, depending on the severity of the violation)

By expressing a desire to participate in the Wonder City festival as a volunteer, you confirm your agreement with the above points and are ready to start
to the organization and holding of the festival, pledging not to contradict these provisions.

With warmth in the soul from the organizers of the Festival